The 8th Chakra and the Universal Heart

First published in Kindred Spirit magazine Mar/Apr 2007

If you find yourself almost overwhelmed by the emotion of a sunset or by the sight of suffering and you feel as though you are breaking open with joy or compassion, the chances are that your 8th chakra is opening. Over five millennia ago, the Vedic spiritual tradition of ancient India recognised that the consciousness of our ego-based selves is mediated through energetic vortices, or chakras. But we have known at a deep level that our personality energy field of seven chakras is incomplete. By singing the rising cadences of its first seven notes - doh, ray, me, fa, soh la, te – unless we complete the octave by the eighth note, the higher doh, we feel something is missing.

And it is. The 8th chakra completes the octave of our personality-based consciousness and which is the portal to our higher transpersonal awareness. In the 8th chakra the octave of the individual expression of our heart, mind and will is completed and their vibrations are raised an octave as we gain access to the higher octaves of our soul’s awareness. Over the past few years, many people around the world have experienced the opening of their 8th chakras everything they thought they knew fell away. For these pioneering souls, their breakdowns heralded breakthroughs into the compassion of the universal heart, for themselves and for humanity as a whole. Now we all have access to the 8th chakra. Energetically located between the personal heart and the throat chakras the awareness of the 8th chakra of the universal heart offers the compassion of our hearts, and the clarity of our minds in understanding our soul’s purpose in being here at this time and the creativity of our will to fulfil that purpose.

Heart-centred soul healing

Our human experience has sometimes been described as ‘spiritual boot camp’, a view with which, I suspect, most of us would concur. Our lives involve us in challenges that often bruise and hurt us, not only on bodily levels but also on emotional and mental levels. But unless we are able to release the energetic imprint of such traumas, they remain within our personality-based energy field.

The old adage that ‘a problem can’t be solved from the same level of awareness that caused it’, offers us the key to why it can be so difficult to let go of such energetic dis-ease. For when we attempt to resolve the issues and patterns that generate such traumas from the awareness of our personality, we are indeed seeking to do so at the same level as their causation.

It is as though we are standing in a valley and can only see a limited distance around us. But by energetically accessing the 8th chakra, our perception expands as though we are looking out from a hilltop and can see much more of the surrounding landscape.

With the awareness of the universal heart of the 8th chakra, we can witness the circumstances of our lives with compassion rather than judgement, both of others – and ourselves.

Archetypal patterns

Our specific experiences are unique to us, but there are archetypal patterns of behaviour and consequential traumas that are embodied in both our individual and collective experience. These are triggered by events in this lifetime, we have very often played out the same archetypal theme in other lives. There are five fundamental traumas that to some degree or other we all embody. It is the recognition and the energetic release of these that offers us healing at the level of our soul. And as the nature of the holographic Cosmos is that we are all ultimately inter-related, as we heal the one, we heal the whole. These archetypal traumas are abandonment, abuse, betrayal, denial and rejection. For many of us, it will be one of these primary traumas that we may recognise in our own life as a repeating pattern of experience and pain on physical, emotional and mental levels. But we may only be consciously aware of a small fraction of their essential character. For like icebergs, their deeper nature and causation may lie beneath the perception of our conscious mind and buried in the habitual responses of our subconscious. As we experience their repeating themes, we are both the giver and receiver in the dynamics of their behaviour. For example, if we embody the archetype of abandonment, we may not only find ourselves being abandoned, but in other circumstances, may be the one carrying out an act of abandonment. And, as is the case for all such archetypal traumas, we will ultimately abandon ourselves.

Releasing patterns

A client came to see me in great distress. Sadly, her mother was suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s and her daughter had to take the painful decision to move her into a care home. My client felt enormous guilt at this especially as she was unable to communicate with her mother.

She also felt that throughout her life, she had been the one in the family that everyone else depended on. And now the family had delegated to her all the stressful decisions and arrangements that related to her mother. Together we undertook an inner visualisation that connected us with the energies of the 8th Chakra. As we did so, my client relaxed and was able to access her own higher guidance and to call the higher self of her mother to her. They were then able to undertake an inner dialogue. Her mother explained that in her own childhood, she had felt abandoned and had become determined to control her life to avoid feeling the pain of such loss again. She had done such a good job that she became unable to let go of people or things and over the years became exhausted with the effort needed to hold on – or attempt to do so.

Different aspects of her psyche were in ever-greater conflict. Her subconscious became desperate to let go, her conscious mind to hold on. Eventually, as she told her daughter, in their inner communion, the development of the Alzheimer’s was the only recourse her psyche had to release itself from her embodiment of the abandonment pattern. But she gifted her daughter one other insight. For she explained how her own pattern had become her daughters too. My client had also sought to control her life as a way of avoiding the inevitability of loss. And her mother starkly warned her that unless she was able to release this pattern, my client too would develop Alzheimer’s. Understanding this loving truth, my client was able to perceive, in the universal heart of the 8th chakra that all loss is illusory and was able to energetically release the abandonment trauma she carried. And she had also gained the means to commune with her mother and for them to lovingly support each other in their journey ahead.

Grounding the energies

To release and integrate heart-centred soul healing or indeed to ground the energies of the 8th and higher transpersonal chakras, we need to be aware of the ninth chakra too. A hands breadth beneath our feet, many healers have become increasingly aware of its presence in recent years and especially those working with Earth energies. Sometimes referred to as the earthstar chakra, its energies are enabling the balanced and harmonious embodiment of our expanding awareness and also the re-establishment of our intuitive relationship with the multidimensional realms of Gaia.


We are living in the momentous times when an imminent Shift of consciousness has been prophesied. I believe that our highest purpose in being here at this time is to open our heart, mind and intention – to re-member who we really are.

Accessing transpersonal awareness is an inner journey that we take, like all journeys step by step - and which depends on our sustaining balance and awareness with each step. In the coming years it is our choice as to whether we tread such a journey. If we choose to do so, in the nature of the holographic Cosmos, as we heal ourselves, we heal the whole.

Accessing the 8th chakra is ultimately a call to our deepest memory and knowingness of who we truly are. In the story of humanity, it is now calling us to fulfill the highest purpose of our soul - of coming HoME, by our co-creation of Heaven on Mother Earth.

© Jude Currivan 2006

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